Approach in design and course work

Our approach and design principle is to ensure players of all levels a gratifying playing experience on a ecologically and commercially sustainable golf course.

Phases in designing a golf course

Conceptual design analysis

  • Site analysis of the property
  • Consideration of possibilities and issues
  • Local and regional permissions, licenses
  • Type of soil, underground, surrounding

Result: Providing a conceptual plan and defining requirements to succeed.

First sketches

  • Different proposals for course setup and positioning of the related buildings
  • Choices regarding design features and identity of the course

Result: General layout of course setup and identity characteristics


  • Description of the golf course design plan, preferred layout and identity characteristics
  • List with requirements and aspirations

Result: A document that will be helpful for external use regarding necessary procedures for permission and licenses and other negotiations.

Final golf course design

  • Entire plan including specifications and detailed drawings which are necessary to illustrate the course layout, design features and construction methods required in order to complete the course.
  • Plan documents include in general strategy, clearing plan (if necessary), cut and fill plan, general routing and contour, bunker plan.

Result: Drawings and plans ready to start construction

Supervision during construction on quality and design

  • First hand on-the-ground design services
  • On site supervision and advice of Alan Rijks

For more information download the brochure or contact Alan Rijks.
Alan Rijks designs new courses and renovates existing courses.